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Inspired Good Fat Life Podcast

Episode 106 · 3 months ago

106: Sweet Dreams & Waking Up Event!


We didn't come with an instruction manual. Join Sherri and Jennifer McGovern as they talk about their exciting upcoming event. We all could use the recipe for energy and sleep!

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Sweet Dreams & Waking Up!

For ticket information visit the Events section at or on Facebook.

With Good Fat Life - Transitioning to winter

Cost: $97

When: November 4-5, 2022

Friday evening: 6:30 to 8:30 & Saturday afternoon: Noon to 4:00

Location: Brighton, MI

Join us as we transition to winter during our Sweet Dreams & Waking up event! Guests will enjoy essential oils, good fat snacks, and a few surprises!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Lacasa Center, a nonprofit agency that provides support, shelter, counseling, and ongoing support groups for vulnerable children and adults from Livingston County.

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Jennifer McGovern – Community Relations Specialist



Ph: 888.242.4426

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Office: (810) 243-2900

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